Henry worked on the NBC series CROSSBONES staring John Malkovich and Claire Foy, where significantly he played TWO roles in the first season. After impressing NBC and show-runner Neil Cross (Luther and Mama) in his role of the intelligent but terrified Frederick Nightingale, he was offered the role of Lord Somerile aka The Wildman. He guest recurred as the brilliant and eccentric friend to Blackbeard (Malkovich) in a further 6 episodes.

Henry’s other work includes being directed by David Fincher in THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, the psychotic Marc in the last season of TRUE BLOOD, the harassed Dorchester Manager Martin opposite Lindsay Lohan in LIZ AND DICK and was cast as Walter in sit com HAPPILY DIVORCED Fran Drescher and Joan Collins.  In 2017, he participated in the sketch comedy show WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM for 4 episodes. 

In 2021 Henry won the best actor award in Los Angeles for his quirky and hilarious role in the muti-award- winning LAST CHANCE OF EVIL.